What instrument do you want to play?

It's often said the player doesn't choose the instrument rather the instrument choose the player. Just as we all have our own unique personalities, so do the various instruments. Sometimes the player just knows what they want to play and for other it takes a while to figure it out. So don't be in a hurry if your not sure. You should speak to your band director and ask to try out a few different instruments, or you can come and see us and we can let you play the instruments and help you make your decission. 

it's also a great idea to know what the various instrumens look and sound like. Below you will find links to all the instruments we rent and sell. Click on anyone to be taken to a bit more information about that instrument and a video where you can see and hear it being played by professional musicians. 


An extremly popular instrument. Almost every culture has created their own variation of the flute. It provieds the highest notes in the orchestra.   

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The clarinet provides a very rich and vocal like tone featuring an  extremely large range

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The saxophone is the most diverse member of the woodwinds with the greatest flexiblity in its sound and voices. 

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The oboe is the primary member of the double reed family. it has a beautiful and piercing tone.


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The flute is one of the oldest instruments known to mankind. It is the basis for all woodwind instruments and every culture has created their own variation of the flute. Originally created from wood or bone, the modern concert flute is now made from metal. Usually nickel, but other precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are sometimes used. 

The flute provides the highest voice in the ensemble and it's sound is often compared to the song of a bird. It is an extremely beautiful sounding instrument. 

The tone on the flute is created by blowing over an open hole. This causes the air to vibrate and by opening and closing holes in the tube changes the pitch.  

The flute is an extremely diverse instrument and is used in all forms of music from classical, to jazz, rock, etc. 

The flute family is huge Some of the more common members of the flute family is the piccolo, which is a full octave higher than the standard flute and provides the highest notes in the orchestra. The alto and bass flutes are also increasing in popularity. Other popular types of flutes include the recorder, and the Irish and Native American flutes.      

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