We Have several flexible options for you to choose from.
 Each has its own benefits. 

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When You receive your instrument you simply pay $4.99. No additional add on charges.* 

60 Days later your regular payments begin as listed below
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*A deposit is required for all tubas and percussion kits

Great Flexibility

Begin your payments at the standard rate the very first month. 

At your discretion you can choose any two months during the school year with no payment required and no penalty. 

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Rental Rates

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone

New Instruments 
Monthly Rental  $35.00
Tax $2.45
M&R $5.00
Total  $42.45
Previously Owned
Monthly Rental  $25.00
Tax $1.75
M&R $5.00
Total  $31.75