How does this work? 
When you decide to purchase the instrument we deduct 20% from the full suggested retail price. We then ask you to pay 25% (one quarter) of that price. We will arrange for the next 3 payments to be automatically drafted form your credit / debit card account on a specific date each month.  

Simply click on the link at the top or the bottom of this page to go to the application. After completion, a representative from Harris Band Instruments will contact you to verify your information and complete the contract. At that time we will also ask for your payment information. 
How much are the instruments? 
The price of the instruments varries based on several factors including the type of instrument, make, model, condition, etc. Previously owned instruments are always less than a new instrument. 

If you click on the button below you will be directed to our on line store where you will find the full retail price for the new instrument of your choice. Simply subtract 20% from those prices. 

If you choose a previously owned instrument we will quote you the price over the phone. It will likely be lower than the cost of a new instrument. 
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Can I complete this transaction on line and have the instrument delivered to me? 
No. As this is a multiple payment option we will need to contact you by phone to set up future payments and give you information regarding the final price of your instrument. Once the contract has been completed we will be more than happy to deliver it to your school. 
How much will I be required to pay when I receive the instrument? 
25% of the agreed selling price. 
Can I return the instrument and stop payments
No... This is considered a purchase. Once you receive the instrument you are responsible for the remaining balance. 
What if my child decides to switch instruments? 
As this is a purchase, we do not recommend this option if the child is not 100% positive they wish to play this instrument. If you think they may want to switch you should consider one of the two other rent to own options we have. Click on either button below to see more information on them. 
$4.99 Down
How do I make payments?   
On a set date each month, your payment will be automatically drafted from your credit or debit card account. You will be notified of that exact date each month over the phone.  
What if I need to skip a payment or I can't make a payment? 
The payment each month is due on a specific date. If you need us to hold the payment for a few days we will be more than happy to do so. All we ask is that you contact us before your payment due date. We will then reschedule your payment for the date you request. However, if you do not contact us or the payment does not process on the day you have stated a $25 late fee will be added and your account will be considered in default. 
What happens if I miss a payment?
A $25 late fee will be added to your account if the payment is not made by or on the due date. If your credit / debit card is unable to be processed, we will contact you on that day (except Sundays) to make payment arrangements.
Can I make payments early? 
Yes, you may visit or call us any time to make your payment. Or if you request we can e-mail you an invoice with an option to make your payment on-line. 
When will I receive the instrument? 
Under most situations, the instrument will be delivered directly to the school within a week of completing the application. We will be able to give you an approximant date of delivery over the phone. If you choose to visit us at our store in Covington, you will likely be able to receive your instrument that day. However larger and more expensive instruments such as a tuba and baritone / euphonium may require a few extra days to receive from the main warehouse. 
What are the requirements? 
We simply ask for 3 things in order to qualify. 1) A valid drivers license, 2) a bank issued credit or debit card in your name. 3) Be employed or have a verifiable source of income. 
I'm self employed, would I still qualify? 
Yes, however we will need proof of self employment. A Tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be required. This information can be found on your state or county issued business license or federal tax return.
Do you do a credit check? 
No, we do not perform a credit check. However we do ask that you meet the above criteria before receiving an instrument.
What is the warranty? 
Yes, all previously owned instruments carry a minimum 6 month warranty. All new instruments carry a minimum 1 year warranty against factory defects. We also guarantee each instrument will work properly durring the warranty period and can be brought in to our shop for a checkup at any time plus 1 cleaning during the warranty period.   
 If the instrument is lost or stolen what are my options for replacement? 
This is a purchase. You are 100% responsible for the instrument and any replacement or insurance. 
Do you sell the music books or other accessories my student may need? 
We have in stock all the method books used by instructors in our area. Various accessories such as mouthpieces, oils, care kits and other upgrades are also available. In the application you can choose the upgrades you are interested in. 
When will I be contacted? 
Usually within 24 hours (except for Sunday) you will receive a phone call from us to finalize your application and arrange for your payment. We will never ask you to give us your credit card info or social security number as part of an application on-line. 
When will I receive a copy of the contract?
When completed a copy of the payment contract will be sent to you via e-mail or by the USPS, if requested. If you choose to visit us at our Covington location, you will receive a copy that same day.  We will receive your signature as part of the on-line application.
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