Harris Band Instruments


Saxophone Overhauls

What is an Overhaul?


Depending on who you ask, an overhaul can be many things to many different shops.


Some shops will use the terms re-pad, and overhaul interchangeably, some will not. At some shops a re-pad means just that. The pads are replaced but everything else stays exactly the same. Sometimes they will not even remove the keys from the instrument while they are changing out the pads for the sake of "saving time". At other places a re-pad might be that other store calls an overhaul or vice versa. It's very important the customer understand what they are getting and what they are paying for.


At Harris Band Instruments when we overhaul your saxophone it's getting a complete overhaul and nothing less! All pads, resonators, felts, corks, etc are removed and replaced. When you get the instrument back it's as close to new as possible.



Our saxophone professional overhaul includes:


  • Complete disassembly of the instrument and thorough cleaning.
  • Removal of all existing corks, pads, felts.
  • Removal of all reachable dents.
  • Old grease is removed from rods, pivot screws, hinge tubes and post.
  • If necessary replacement of any springs showing signs of wear or rust with new blue steel springs.
  • Keys are refit and swedged to minimize lateral motion thus  preventing future leaks and premature aging of pads.
  • Key cups are leveled and centered.
  • Tone holes are leveled to insure proper seating of pads.
  • Resonators are custom fit in pads of customers choice to allow for maximum coverage of the tone hole.
  • Pads are installed and leveled.
  • Saxophone mechanism is assembled and regulated using a combination of corks, felts, Ultrasuede, and Teflon.
  • Saxophone is play tested and adjusted for intonation.
  • Saxophone is disassembled and cleaned to remove any dust and grease from the reassembly process.
  • Saxophone is reassembled and grease and oil is applied to the screws and pivot rods.

Charles Harris Jr. has specialized in Saxophone repair and restoration since setting up his first home based shop in 2000. In those years he has rebuilt hundreds of saxophones ranging from new professional saxophones to vintage saxophones that are over 100 years old.