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Repair Services

Harris Band Instruments believes if you want to perform to your fullest potential, your instrument has to perform at its fullest potential.  When an instrument is new, it should be considered "perfect".  However a musical instrument is a tool, like any other – in time and especially after playing  for long periods means it will  need to be honed and sharpened. It must be kept in great shape for you to make great music.


At Harris Band Instruments it's our first priority to make sure you have a reliable and working instrument for making music. Regardless if you’re a first year beginner or a seasoned professional. The our goal for you is the same.


Our techs are experienced and working musicians themselves. When you bring us your instrument you will likely be speaking to a technician prior to any work being started. So we will know exactly what you and your instrument needs for you to play to your fullest potential.



Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 10-7, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5